Links to various Otherkin websites. Please let me know if you would like to affiliate with me or if any of the links are no longer working. 

Personal Otherkin Websites
Absurdism – leopard (available on Wayback Machine)
Being Lion – lion
Feather and Flame – hawk
Felinity Defined – cat cladotherian
Psychological Polymorph – polymorph
Spirit of the Wind – cheetah
Thébaide – raven/clouded leopard
The Sanctuary – cat/horse/mongoose
Wild Ideas – general animal writings
Within the Ruins – multiple otherkin system

Informative Websites
Beyond Awakening – general Otherkin blog here on WordPress
Birds of a Feather – all things bird-person oriented
Eristic Net – fae leanings but with a good section on all-things Otherkin
Project Shift
– general Therian writings
Therioshamanism – animal shamanism
The Werelibrary – a collection of various animal writings (currently being renovated)
Wildspeak – shamanism and animal totemism

Otherkin Community
Otherkin Phenomena

 Where To Find Me
Comment here!
pleisarpup – my deviantART account
elinox – my therian livejournal; comment to be added please!
elinox – my therian dreamwidth; comment to be added please!

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