Updates-January 2013

I have finished re-organizing, cleaning up and editing my website. I think I’ve finally got it looking the way I want; an overhaul of the visual aesthetics was definitely in order!

All my essays are now dated and I’ve added new sub-sections as I don’t identify solely as a wolf therian any more. My wolf essays are good essays, near and dear to my heart since they document my first exploits into the online ‘kin communities, but because of my aquatic tendencies they needed to be updated. I’m keeping them visible here, if only to help me document my own learning and growing process over the years, but perhaps someone else will find my early writings interesting too.

I’ve also decided to get rid of my Oceanic Instincts website by combining my aquatic essays here under their own sub-section.

Hopefully, new content in the form of essays will be coming to my muse soon!

About elinox

I am: - 30 years old - female - a writer - an artist - a wife, daughter and sister - creative - easy going and laidback - funny - so many other things.
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