Wolf Person

Wolf Person

After reading Meirya’s essay on what it’s like being a bird person, I had to share my own thoughts on what it’s like being a wolf person. Thanks for the inspiration, birdy!

Let me tell you about wolf. About fur lingering just beneath the surface, about pointed ears perking at the slightest sound, about whiskers catching scents in the breeze, about large paws padding softly through the forest, about eyes that glow in the dark, about everything about what it is to be wolf.

Arms that are not long enough to allow for quadruped movement. Legs and knees that are bent the wrong way. Head that is positioned wrong. Pathetic skin that doesn’t warm or protect. Nails that are no substitute for claws. Mouth and teeth that were never meant to rip and tear. Senses that are barely strong enough to survive. My human body has adaptations, but the wolf sees them as hindrances.

The need to get out. To be outside among the trees, with the wind whipping through my fur. To smell things that are miles away. To slip silently into the underbrush to stalk prey. To watch from a distance. To sing to the stars and night sky. Feeling like a caged animal, wishing to be freed.

Running on all fours, with the grass racing away at my paws. Fast and free, unable to be caught.

Shaking my fur and feeling it fluff against the cold. Being able to tuck my cold, wet nose under my fluffy tail to keep warm.

Laying my ears flat against my skull when someone or something pisses me off. Curling lips back to reveal sharp, white teeth. Fangs glistening in the moonlight.

Nuzzling packmates, feeling their fur against my own. Licking muzzles in greeting.

Wagging my tail as a hello.

The wild, it calls to me. I yearn to be a part of it, to be outside in the elements. To listen and see and smell and taste and touch everything around me. I want to wag my tail when I’m happy. I want to lay my ears back and snarl when I’m annoyed. I want to curl up into a ball of fur when I’m cold and tired. I want to sing and have it come out as a howl. To be what is truly within my soul.

I am a wolf person and this is how I feel…

Originally written December 5, 2007

About elinox

I am: - 30 years old - female - a writer - an artist - a wife, daughter and sister - creative - easy going and laidback - funny - so many other things.
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1 Response to Wolf Person

  1. micheal65536 says:

    These are all the things that I, too, long to feel and experience and do. All the little things that, put together, make me feel like, to quote your words, a “caged wolf”. All the little things that I can never describe or even think of on their own, you have described them all.

    Also I got kinda shifty reading this…

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