It’s OK to not be “Other”

 It’s Okay – to not be “other”.

After a conversation with sparky, and also after reading an essay by bewylderbeast on the Werelist entitled “It’s okay to not be a therian”, I got to thinking that I should write an article about why it’s ok to not be “other”. And here it is. 😉

We all have an innate desire to feel special. It can be an unconscious or conscious desire, but it’s there and there’s nothing wrong with it. We want people to like us, we want to be good at something, we want to feel unique in a sea of people that are the same as us.

Let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with this feeling and everyone experiences it at one time or another during their lives. This desire may even cause someone to assume that they are Otherkin when in fact they are not. I’m not going to judge whether someone is legitimate in thinking they are Otherkin or not, or even if it’s because they want to feel “special” or not. My point with this essay is to simply state this: being Otherkin (therians included) is not about being special or different from any other human.

If you want to feel special, that’s fine, but it has no place among Otherkin because identifying as Otherkin isn’t special at all. It’s just something different from the norm. People that identify with being Otherkin simply believe that they have a spiritual, psychological, etc. connection to something other than human and they choose to identify with it. That does not make them any more special than anyone else, human or not. It is simply another label that some people use to identify themselves.

For example, consider the idea of someone thinking that because they have brown eyes rather than blue that they’re somehow better than someone who happens to actually have blue eyes. It doesn’t make one person more special than the other and there’s nothing either person can do to change the fact that their eyes are different colors. And it doesn’t matter in the long run anyway. We’re all different whether it’s because I’ve got blue eyes and you’ve got brown or because he’s a demon and she’s a human. It makes no difference and Otherkin are no more special than your average Joe.

My point in all this is, don’t use the label of Otherkin because you want to feel special or different from other people. People that are Otherkin are no different from anyone else; there is nothing special about identifying as something other than human on the inside. Use the term Otherkin because you actually believe that some part of you is non-human in nature.

As I’ve said before, it’s not about being cool or special or different. It’s about what you feel you really are on the inside.

In conclusion, as sparky said, everyone is in fact special in their own way. That just doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with someone identifying as Otherkin or not.

Originally written January 28, 2009

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